Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Endorsing John Ratcliffe

I am pleased to endorse John Ratcliffe in the runoff election for U.S. Congress in Texas’ 4th congressional district. I appreciate the positive, solutions oriented campaign that John has run. In the short time that I have known John Ratcliffe I have discovered a fellow conservative with deep concern for both the future of our nation and the interests of our district. John’s proven track record of taking principled stands and keeping his campaign promises provides confidence that he will serve us well in Washington. We will be blessed to be represented by a man of accomplishment and character like John Ratcliffe.

For Congressman Hall I have only good will and I would like to express my appreciation and respect for his service. It has been a privilege to have an opportunity to spend some time with the congressman in recent days. Getting to know Ralph Hall has also deepened my appreciation that John Ratcliffe made it a point to be gracious and respectful when discussing the congressman on the campaign trail - both on the record and off.

While I am confident that we have a good choice in John Ratcliffe, we have no guarantee that another good option will be provided two years from now. The primary race this year might have seemed a bit of a circus, but it is nothing like the race we will see when Congressman Hall officially retires from service. For these reasons, and others, I would ask my fellow Texans in the 4th district to join me in being good stewards of this moment, and of the opportunity that we are given. Please support John Ratcliffe in the runoff election on May 27th.

Brent Lawson

2014 Candidate for U.S. Congress TX4

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