Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The goal

Obamacare is a disaster. A little over half of the voters voted for Obama, so it's no shock that they thought this was really supposed to be what the left told them it was supposed to be. Folks on the right should know better. Obama told us years ago that he is only interested in single payer. Thinking that Obama and the other leftist revolutionaries that foisted obamacare on us are invested in its success is naive, misguided, and consequential.

The unfortunate secret is that Nancy didn't need to read the bill to know what was in it. The left has been working toward this day for decades, and the Republicans have been waiting for decades for the chance to act displeased about it. Who knows how many long term strategies are in place just waiting for the appropriate "crisis" to occur so that it can be imposed on the American people for their own good, but obamacare was certainly quite familiar to Nancy and her cohorts before she passed it to find out what was in it. Its extensiveness was only a surprise to we the people, and a fair number of hapless Republicans in Congress.

Change is the primary weapon in the radical arsenal. The disciples of Alinsky understand quite well that the way to get someone to demand the widget the Alinskyite's are offering is to break the old one. Our previous health care system (you remember, the system that people from all over the world came to America to partake in) was an obstacle to the radical goal. From the perspective of the radicals, the only real problems with the old system were that the free market was involved and there were parts of it that doctors and patients still had some say about. Obamacare has to be looked at through the lens of the radical goal - single payer.

If obamacare worked great and everybody loved it, it would defeat the effort of taking this step toward single payer. The transition may be occurring faster than expected, and it may be more chaotic, and it may cause more real harm and suffering to the American people than expected, but you have to break a few eggs to make an obamelette (think of eggs as more like human sacrifices in this case). Still, it's ultimately for our own good, and it will be worthwhile in the end. I'm sure we'll be thanking them for it any day now.

I've heard some conservatives make comments that the democrats may be "losing by winning". That's to say that their victory in achieving obamacare may be their undoing because it's painful to the people. Bill O'Reilly said something tonight to the effect of this being Obama's undoing. If achieving his goal undoes him, he's probably going to be ok with that. I seem to recall that he actually said something along those lines when the bill was originally passed. When large numbers of people start being hit with as much as 10 times their previous premiums for health insurance, they will sing the highest praises of the government that swoops in to take over those payments for them. That's single payer. That's the goal.

Don't be surprised if the press starts to turn on obamacare as part of the transition to demanding single payer. It's their goal too. I'd love to be wrong, but if I were a betting man I'd have to say single payer will either be in place before Obama leaves office, or it will be a driving issue of the next campaign (Hillarycare part deux?), unless John Boehner...never mind, let's just go with those first two options.

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  1. My prediction is that we never get anywhere near a single payer system. Somewhere in 2015, when the rates spiral upward as the program loads mostly with those who will financial benefit from participation, they will have to kill the mandate or expansion exclusions so far, that insurers have no protection from enter-on-illness-participants.

    Eventually, Obamacare will live on as a prenegotiated rate program, like a Costco card; pay $50 a year for membership and you can get a Kirkland brand xray for $100. - Judge